I had to personally verify it to be absolutely sure!

As you can see in the 'About Us' section, I, The Lost Wanderer, have always been somewhat awakened and suspicious, at least since the late 90s. However, it wasn't until recently, when I came across an 8-hour documentary from AEWAR, that all the pieces fell into place.

Before that, all I understood was that there was someone pushing a narrative to advance an agenda, but I didn't know what the agenda was, nor who was behind it. Having served in the Army for nearly two decades, I was fairly certain it couldn't be the government, as they aren't really capable of orchestrating such a complex conspiracy so meticulously.

I even created an entire podcast discussing the flat earth topic with Mr. Tribune.

Why does it matter?

 The reason it matters, at least to me, is because if that is a lie, then what else is? Can I still trust anything I was taught in school, presented by the media, or told by officials?

How the test was conducted

For my calculations, I used Google Maps and shared my position with myself so I could double-check from home. I also used Google Earth to determine my altitude (although I still used an app while in the field) and the distance to the city I was able to see.

I took photos (like the one in this article) with my 200mm lens and my trusty old Canon 1000d (certainly not the famous P1000, also known as the 'Globe Killer,' but still quite capable as you can see).

The question

According to Wikipedia, the Earth's radius is approximately 3,959 miles, resulting in a circumference of about 29,901 Miles.

This implies that, regardless of the exact shape of the Earth (as it has been stated not to be a perfect sphere), if our visibility extended infinitely, we would eventually observe objects either vanishing from the bottom or becoming entirely obscured due to the gradual curvature of the surface relative to our position.

globe obstacle

Based on the reasoning above, and the video below, if I were at 37 miles from the point I could see, it should be hidden by approximately 928.98 feet of curvature.

Considering that I was at 252 feet of altitude (you can verify this by using the links provided), and assuming a height of 328 feet for my position, the city I was able to see would still be approximately 597 feet below my horizon. This is quite significant, especially when you consider that I could distinctly see the base of the hill at sea level, and the average UK building is no taller than about 50 feet.

Check the video below


The issue at hand, whether the Earth is flat or not, raises concerns about the reliability of science. If the Earth is a globe and I can perceive objects beyond expected sight, it suggests a larger sphere. This leads me to question the accuracy of scientific claims. If we struggle to precisely calculate our immediate surroundings, how can we assert accuracy in determining more intricate distances and dimensions?

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