In this episode, The Lost Wanderer, Forest Wolf and The Conspiracy Realist discuss last week news and talk about the events that allowed them to wake up to this fiction that we are living.

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Forest Wolf replied the topic:
3 weeks 17 hours ago
From one Australian (living in Germany) to another. Greetings & a huge welcome. We'll need a "clean" exchange site as the world goes full on nuts ......

Mirror_D_80s replied the topic:
3 weeks 2 days ago
Great work dudes.
i ❤️Love the website.
i had an acquaintance around or shortly after 9/11 that semi-woke me up. we would talk conspiracies.
lost contact with him and slowly got caught up and preoccupied with pop culture /studies and work. conspiracies were still in my mind just didn't expect it would make things worse on the population so quick. i would've assumed decades away on the short term as it seemed tech was progressing slowly. then again the military have stuff like 50 years in the future.
covid hit hard, enough to totally wake me up. along with ESG in pop culture which was degrading and censoring art.
after 8 years of esg in my favorite avenues of pop culture it was enough to irritate/madden/upset me into finding out the root cause of this corruption.
hoping to eventually become a member on the site if possible.
kinda like using a handle than being anonymous.
kind regards from south australia please keep up the good work.